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Our team of Consumer Goods experts focus solely on consumer goods brands and our core consumer goods solutions are specifically designed to address the varied challenges faced by consumer goods. We then customize these solutions for your brand’s unique situation.

Our Consumer Goods specific solutions

CPG Product Awareness

In a cluttered world with millions of CPG products, we increase brand awareness and consideration to the entire household by magnifying your TV ads to your most likely prospects. By combining video with frequency, interactivity, and relevancy, we deepen the connection with all members of each household to tip outcomes in your favor.


As consumers have increased how much they shop online, CPG brands have launched their own direct-to-consumer online retail stores. For customers who favor a brand, these stores can offer a more convenient way to shop across a broader product selection with reward programs for repeat purchases. Our Direct-to-Consumer VDX solution conveniently connects directly with consumers who are fans of your brand.

CPG/Retail Co-Op

Often the bulk of CPG product sales come from a select group of big-box retail store brands. With our Co-Op solution, we can tie the messaging of your CPG product with a particular retail store brand. The video experience can provide relevant information to each consumer, like the closest store location, and help increase the likelihood they choose your brand the next time they are in the store.

Brand Values Awareness

Consumers are increasingly choosing brands and products that align with their own values. The Brand Values solution allows for consumers to interact with your TV ad and learn more about your brand's values and initiatives. Examples of initiatives are supporting charitable causes, diversity, and doing good.

Our Customers

Case Studies


Samsung promotes new smartphone launch using’s Full Video Experience.


L’Oréal Spain increases awareness & consideration for Biotherm “Blue Therapy” line with interactive, omnichannel video campaign.


Interactive ad formats for Jägermeister campaign increase audience attention.

Hill’s Pet Nutrition

Interactive multi-tab VDX formats help Hill’s Pet Nutrition connect with pet lovers and maximize brand awareness.


Cadbury Easter campaign drives brand consideration.


Interactive video experiences increase awareness around Unilever’s new deodorant, Axe Ice Chill.
“We’ve partnered with on video-driven experiences for our campaigns and have been pleased with how effectively their VDX ad units capture attention and inspire user engagement. The VDX units enable our video assets to be complemented by a customized canvas where we can extend our brand messaging and include additional information. The interactive tabs within the unit have been a great way to showcase new product features and USPs.”
Alaa Alsweileh
Digital Marketing Manager, Samsung Gulf Electronics
"At Mars Fishcare, we operate within a very niche segment of the pet owning population and CTV has been an amazing tool to help us reach our exact audience with the opportunity for re-engaging them with a digital ad following their experience with our video. Since standard CTV is non-interactive, allowing consumers to scan our QR code after seeing the CTV ad via VDX allows users to engage with the ads, and by proxy, our brand, further to magnify their experience."
Karyn Cook, Global Marketing & Consumer Affairs Director, Mars Fishcare

Our Consumer Goods team

Our team of Consumer Goods experts focus solely on consumer goods brands and the unique challenges faced by consumer goods brands.

Ami Connolly

Client Partnerships - Home

Danielle Glickman

Client Partnerships - Pet Food & Supplies

Nikki Cavanagh

Client Partnerships - Home

Lauren Walsh

Client Partnerships - Auto & Tires

Debbie Sorich

Client Partnerships - Consumer Electronics

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Client Partnerships - Food & Beverage

Brittany Feizulov

Lead of Industry Solutions - Consumer Goods

Ishmeet Singh

Supply Strategy - Consumer Goods

Annie Myers

Mid-Funnel Strategy - Consumer Goods

Lissy Kerr

Creative Strategy - Consumer Goods

Shivam Varshney

Campaign Strategy - Consumer Goods

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Account Strategy - Consumer Goods

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Account Strategy - Consumer Goods

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