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Our team of media & entertainment experts focuses solely on brands in this sector, and our core media & entertainment solutions are specifically designed and customized to address this industry’s varied challenges and your brand’s unique situation.

Our Media & Entertainment-Specific Solutions

Movie Release

The opening weekend is crucial for a movie, as it sets the momentum for the film’s theatrical run. We reach relevant households likely to watch the movie the week prior to launch, increasing frequency toward the end of the week and on the weekend. Consumers can view the trailer within the ad as well as a gallery, and we provide a map of the closest theaters and times in addition to an option for consumers to buy tickets online. By influencing all members of the household, we influence outcomes.

Television Tune-In

A TV program’s audience size is crucial for its launch and ongoing success. Therefore, it’s important to influence existing audiences to continue watching and to attract new audiences. We reach the most relevant households to make them aware of new episodes. Our ads can contain trailers, galleries, and cast details to drive interest and outcomes.


We reach relevant households that are likely to be interested in particular sports and teams. We increase frequency leading up to the live event, with a substantial increase in the hour prior to and during the event. We reach household televisions and digital devices to increase the chances people will tune in.


We reach households that are likely to subscribe to increase awareness of major programs and events in which they may be interested. We reach all members of the household to increase interest in subscribing and ensure existing subscribers are aware of new episodes and programs, thus keeping them hooked on your streaming content.

Live Events

Reach all relevant fanatics and households within traveling distance of the venue that are likely to be interested in the event. Our interactive video units matched with our proprietary data refreshed in real-time ensure fandoms are reached to scale and build excitement of attending live. Use an omnichannel approach to drive to ticket sales and pause the campaign once the event is sold out.

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Our Media & Entertainment team

Our team of media & entertainment experts concentrates solely on this industry’s brands and the unique challenges they face.

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