Our team of Retail experts focus solely on retail brands and our core retail solutions are specifically designed to address the varied challenges faced by retailers. We then customize these solutions for your brand’s unique situation.

Our Retail specific solutions

In-Store Shopping

Drive existing and new households to shop at your brand's retail stores. Influence all members of the household through frequency, interaction and relevancy to tip the choice in your favor. Include the closest location so the ads are customized for each store.  

Online Shopping

The pandemic drove significant changes in consumer habits where households increasingly take advantage of online shopping with shipping or store pickup. Our Online Shopping solution combines video with frequency, interactivity and relevancy to ensure households pick your brand for their shopping needs.

Major Sales Events

Retail sales increase significantly during major sales events such as the Q4 Holiday Season, Black Friday, Back to School, Mother's Day, and others. Capture significant share during these events by combining video, with relevant products, and a map of store locations.

New Store Launch

Accelerate how quickly a new store ramps up in a new location to allow you to further expand in new markets. Increase brand awareness around each new store  location through magnifying the brand on TV and household devices in that store neighborhood.

Our Customers

Case Studies


Woolworths ensures a seamless shopping experience with interactive video content.

Purple® Mattress

Purple® Mattress campaign drove increased awareness, consideration, and purchase intent with video ad formats. generates high ROAS for a big box retailer with omnichannel approach

A big box retailer sought to increase brand share of voice and deliver target return on ad spend for an e-commerce product promotions campaign.
“As one of our preferred digital media partners, delivers on key attributes for a successful partnership. Starting with excellent service from the team, product innovation and unique creative platforms which our clients love, with the non-negotiable 3rd party tracking to ensure we achieve real results for our clients and their brands. It’s a pleasure partnering with”
Owen Williams
Co-Owner and Director, Intimedia, South Africa
The team consistently provides superb service at the highest level from campaign performance down to communication & responsiveness. The team is always willing to dig in at the most granular level to make the best recommendations & perform at the top of the pack. They are my favorite team to work with!

Our Retail team

Our team of retail experts focus solely on retail brands and the unique challenges faced by retail brands.

Bridget McMahon

Client Partnerships - Retail

Nicole Cirone Smith

Client Partnerships - Retail

Marly Sohr

Lead of Industry Solutions - Retail

Ashutosh S Gupta

Campaign Strategy - Retail

Matt Hall

Account Strategy - Retail

Natasha DaGama

Account Strategy - Retail

Tushar Singh

Campaign Strategy - Retail

Sean Strommer

Creative Strategy - Retail

Athul Madhusoodanan

Account Strategy - Retail

Brittany Feizulov

Market Strategy - Retail

Antonio Gonzalez

Supply Strategy - Retail

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