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Our team of lottery & gambling experts focuses solely on brands in this sector, and our core lottery & gambling solutions are specifically designed and customized to address this industry’s varied challenges and your brand’s unique situation.

Our Lottery & Gambling-Specific Solutions

Lotto Awareness Game

By magnifying your TV ads, helps introduce new lotto games and increase viewers’ awareness and consideration of your state's lottery. Our interactive actions initiate positive emotional connections to the various games and bring about a sense of satisfaction and fulfillment in viewers when they think about the lottery.

Lotto Draw Game

Lotto Draw games present unique opportunities for life-altering jackpots. can simplify marketing efforts with TV/video solutions that drive consideration of Lotto Draw games (at any jackpot amount) by creating an experience that dynamically updates the jackpot amount each time it increases.

Lotto Online Play

Millions of people across each state are still unaware that they can play the lotto online. increases lotto awareness and trust via CTV environments and then capitalizes on it with video across mobile and desktop devices. In this way, we influence outcomes such as downloads, deposits, and/or plays.

Online Casino

Reach your entire pool of potential and existing players with video units to drive excitement and awareness of your latest offerings. Drive new player signups and deposits or retain and build your existing players portfolio.

At, we are committed to reinforcing responsible play messaging, efforts, and supporting your lottery by adhering to Responsible Gambling Best Practices as set forth by the NCPG, NASPL, and WLA, as well as leveraging our proprietary technology to take all campaigns a step further. is devoted to ensuring that gambling remains a recreational activity centered around entertainment and fun. We take our commitment to responsible gambling seriously, and work closely with our partners to ensure that we are taking the necessary measures to ensure safety and responsibility is at the forefront of our mission. We are ambassadors for the advertisements we create and the ability to bring entertainment to players.

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Case Studies

State lottery captures audience attention & shifts perception with VDX

A state lottery sought to inspire purchase of its scratchers game and position scratchers as a form of entertainment (rather than a gambling pastime) in the minds of consumers.

Our Lottery & Gambling team

Our team of lottery & gambling experts concentrates solely on this industry’s brands and the unique challenges they face.

Jessica Clemens

Client Partnerships - Lottery & Gambling

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Lead of Industry Solutions - Lottery & Gambling

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Account Strategy - Lottery & Gambling


Supply Strategy - Lottery & Gambling

Shreeni Shirvastava

Campaign Strategy - Lottery & Gambling

Kushal Khattri

Account Strategy - Lottery & Gambling

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