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Our team of education experts focuses solely on this sector, and our core education solutions are specifically designed and customized to address this field’s varied challenges and your organization’s unique situation.

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College Consideration

Each year, over one million students apply to attend universities nationwide, and their decisions are heavily influenced by other household members. magnifies consideration of a particular college to all household residents via their TV and subsequently on their personal devices.

Online Learning

Online courses such as degree programs, supplementary learning, and skills development classes are readily available these days. reaches households on their TVs and personal digital devices, allowing  prospective learners to explore relevant courses as part of the ad experience.

Our Customers

Case Studies

Driving Qualified Leads For A Prominent University

A university sought to increase undergraduate applications in the region by driving prospective students to sign up for a university account

Our Education team

Our team of education experts concentrates solely on organizations in this particular field and the unique challenges they face.

Danielle Rossi Glickman

Client Partnerships - Education

Justin Worster

Lead of Industry Solutions - Education

Maree Doumanis

Account Strategy - Education

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