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Our team of automotive experts focuses solely on automotive brands, and our core automotive solutions are specifically designed and customized to address the automotive industry's varied challenges and your brand's unique situation.

Our Automotive-Specific Solutions

Model Launch

Your latest models are a critical element that drives awareness and excitement for your brand, so impactful marketing around your model launches is a must. Our Model Launch solution allows consumers to interact with your TV ad and learn more about model features and benefits. By boosting ad frequency, interactivity, and relevancy, we deepen your brand's connection with all household members to tip outcomes in your favor.

Lifestyle Preference

Consumers choose one automotive brand over another because of how it makes them feel. Our Lifestyle Preference solution reaches households that prefer a particular lifestyle and deepens their connection with your brand by enhancing your lifestyle TV ad's frequency, interactivity, and relevancy.

Electric Vehicles

The automotive industry is leading the charge in the transition from fossil fuel to clean energy and this transition is only just beginning. As your brand innovates with new EV models, you need impactful marketing that is effective at demonstrating your brand is a leader in this transition, allows for consumers to learn more about your EV innovations, and is effective at reaching those households most likely to be early adopters in this transition.

Tier Two

Meet consumers during the most important stages of their buying journey, through TV/Video ads that increase top-of-mind awareness of your dealerships via ad frequency, interactivity, and relevance. The Tier Two solution includes dealer maps, local offers, and dealer inventory to tip outcomes in your favor and ultimately drive automotive purchases.

Our Customers

Case Studies


VDX TV Magnify solution extends success of Silverado EV Super Bowl campaign


VDX content integration with Motor Trend delivers high engagement and increased vehicle awareness for Mazda.


BMW increased awareness and traffic for new model launch through full blend with OTT.


Increasing awareness for "My Renting" initiative with high impact VDX units across desktop, mobile and CTV


Campaign for sales event leveraged video to capture attention and showcase different vehicle models.


Toyota runs video-driven experiences to promote new model launch.


Lexus South Africa raises awareness around hybrid vehicle Spekboom Initiative with innovative video formats.
“We utilized in order to launch the Toyota Fortuner in an innovative and impactful way. This solution offered us an innovative video solution that delivered on our KPI’s and successfully reached our targeted audience giving us a video solution that would allow our target audience the opportunity to engage and interact in a way that resulted in a very successful campaign. We look forward to working with in the future.”
Langelihle Sithole
Head of Digital Media, FCB
The campaignagnify solution saw some outstanding results from engagements and clicks to overall video completes.  Looking forward to the additional metrics from our next campaign this year and many to come.
Joe Van Marcke,
Media Manager, Chevrolet

Our Automotive team

Our team of Automotive experts focus solely on automotive brands and the unique challenges faced by automotive brands.

Diane Johnson

Client Partnerships - Automotive

Noel Delahaye

Client Partnerships - Automotive

Deb Michael

Client Partnerships - Automotive

Chris Maher

Client Partnerships - Automotive, Australia

Sarah O'Carroll

Client Partnerships - Automotive, New Zealand

Kyle Taylor

Client Partnerships - Automotive

Jim Johnson

Lead of Industry Solutions - Automotive

Jenna Goode

Account Strategy - Automotive

Suhani Khandelwal

Account Strategy - Automotive

Alexa Bernard

Account Strategy - Automotive

Ankit Khalotra

Campaign Strategy - Automotive

Chris Kremer

Creative Strategy - Automotive

Megha Oberai

Campaign Strategy - Automotive

Uday Singh

Campaign Strategy - Automotive

Ellen Jansen

Market Strategy - Automotive

Erica Castrina

Mid-Funnel Strategy - Automotive

Sidney Koh

Creative Strategy - Automotive, Australia

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