Ad Specs

One experience, multiple ways to explore

VDX ad formats use a standardized template to deliver repeatable scale and performance, while also including flexibility to adapt to the objectives of your campaign strategy.

different devices showing ads

How does it work?

An initial video teaser with brand logo draws consumer attention and entices the user to interact with the ad. Upon consumer interaction, the teaser transforms into the main unit with a branded canvas, allowing for personalized creative messaging, CTA and other interactive features to drive the brand’s objectives. VDX, which is available in OTT, In-stream, In-frame, and Expandable units, includes viewability, anti-fraud capabilities and brand safety mechanisms across different platforms.

Ad sizes

TV Experience

tv banner mockup
Connected TV
mobile banner mockup
OTT devices

In-page desktop

In-frame & expandable formats
desktop banner mockup
970 x 250
desktop banner mockup
300 x 600
browser banner mockup
160 x 600
browser banner mockup
728 x 90
browser banner mockup
300 x 250

Digital video

browser banner mockup
Desktop in-player
mobile banner mockup
Mobile in-player


browser banner mockup
645 x 360
mobile banner mockup
320 x 230

In-page mobile

In-frame & expandable formats
mobile banner mockup
300 x 250
300 x 600
mobile banner mockup
320 x 50

Creative build services offers a free creative build service and two design options:
browser banner mockup
Option 1

We provide you with a PSD template of the VDX unit to populate with desired branding and design elements

desktop banner mockup
Option 2

Our expert creative team can custom design the VDX unit for you

Creative checklist

Assets we need from you​
16:9 Video (15 to 30 seconds)​
  • Min. resolution 1280×720​
  • Max. frame rate (fps) 30
  • Min. bit rate 2000 Kbps
  • Video codecs H.264 (recommended), MPEG-4, QuickTime, AVI, Windows Media​
  • Audio codecs MP3 or AAC
  • MP4 (recommended), MOV, MPEG, WMV, AVI
  • Max. 3 videos
Logo (horizontal format)​
  • Min. 400×130
Content & Files​
  • (OTF format), copy and CTA​
  • Layered hi-res design elements (PSD or AI)​
  • Brand guidelines or creative instructions​
  • Click-through URLs

Creative lead time

  • 5-10 business days
  • Initial build is 3-5 days
  • Up to two revisions, each taking 24 or 48 hours turnaround
  • 1-3 days for tagging and trafficking

* Production timelines will increase according to scope and complexity of the ad. Timelines above are based on a standard build of up to 3 videos and one additional tab containing a gallery. Please get in touch if you have any special features you need included and we will work out the corresponding lead time required.​

​Mobile / Tablet and In-stream versions will commence after initial approval of VDX design which will take an additional 5 business days.

Implementation & reporting

  • Once approved, will provide a list of all trackable elements in the creative for 3rd party trackers that need to be provided.
  • will track all elements and interactions internally.
  • Upon receiving 3rd party tracking please allow up to 72 hours for to go live.​
  • Screenshots will be emailed through after campaign has gone live.


  • Our VDX ad units are compliant with the Coalition for Better Ads standards – more details can be found at In addition, we are certified to the IAB UK Gold Standard 2.0, which includes Better Ads standards compliance, mandatory use of ads.txt as well as TAG/DTSG for brand safety.
  • is GDPR compliant. For more details on GDPR, consult our information page or our privacy policy.​
  • You can find our full list of certifications and partnerships here.