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Our team of pharma experts focuses solely on pharma brands, and our core pharma solutions are specifically designed and customized to address pharma's varied challenges and your brand’s unique situation.

Our Pharma-Specific Solutions

Patient Rx Education

Reach households on their TVs and engage patients and caregivers with interactive features that educate viewers and raise their awareness of treatments relevant to them. Consumers can learn more by scanning a QR code on the TV ad, and interacting with the same video ad on their personal digital devices. The solution aims to increase users’ familiarity with pertinent treatments and encourage them to have meaningful conversations with their health care providers.

OTC Differentiation

Reach households on their TVs to engage consumers and encourage them to learn more about how an OTC treatment differs from its competitors. Consumers can learn more by scanning a QR code on the TV ad, and interacting with the same video ad on their personal digital devices. This solution includes dynamic shoppable features such as pharmacy locations and much more.

Patient/HCP Pre-qualifier

For pharmaceutical treatments associated with particular conditions, our Consumer Pre-qualifier solution engages patients or HCPs with messaging that reaches broad audiences and ensures relevance. Each creative includes a pre-qualifying question or statement to ensure a non-invasive, patient/HCP-led experience. Once users have qualified, they can engage with the video and associated content.

HCP Consideration

With pharmaceutical treatments, it is important to reach the right health care providers (HCPs) with relevant healthcare content, including educational information about prescription and over-the-counter treatments. Interactive video ads within the VDX canvas raise awareness about these treatments and allow viewers to learn more about them and their benefits. Our Health Care Provider solution includes an ISI for compliance, and we provide personalized messaging via NPI-level targeting.

Our Customers

Case Studies

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“VDX.tv provided a unique contribution to F2FA’s campaign to reduce Covid vaccine hesitancy, providing not only well-optimized, highly targeted video ad inventory but also deep creative integration that stood out among other creative units. The custom video units provide a user-friendly, content rich experience, and thus generate high levels of engagement. VDX.tv’s interactive units seamlessly packed three separate core campaign testimonial videos alongside tabs featuring interactive FAQs and destination CTAs to find vaccine locations and request a ride to a vaccination site. A truly end-to-end experience within a single ad unit, and the results (that were well above benchmark) speak for themselves. VDX.tv has been a trusted partner across other client campaigns as well, and perhaps the only thing better than their consistently excellent performance is their exemplary client service.”
Marc Benjamin
CEO, Convergence Point Media, Founder & Executive Director Face2Face America
"The VDX.tv team consistently provides superb service at the highest level from campaign performance down to communication & responsiveness. The team is always willing to dig in at the most granular level to make the best recommendations & perform at the top of the pack. They are my favorite team to work with!"

Our Pharma team

Our team of Pharma experts focus solely on pharma brands and the unique challenges faced by pharma brands.

Candace Chang

Client Partnerships - Pharma

Caytie Silvera

Client Partnerships - Pharma

Evan Rubin

Client Partnerships - Pharma

Karen Cai

Client Partnerships - Pharma

Lauren Ohlsson

Lead of Industry Solutions - Pharma

Ardyn Granger

Account Strategy - Pharma

Rathin Gupta

Account Strategy - Pharma

Katie Fell

Creative Strategy - Pharma

Jess Foley

Account Strategy - Pharma

Zane Stringer

Campaign Execution & Strategy - Pharma

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