We Are a Certified Minority Business Enterprise

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Marketing Supplier Diversity

As a privately-owned, certified minority owned business, we are uniquely positioned to help brands with their marketing supplier diversity initiatives. We also work with minority-owned publishers and can reach multi-cultural audiences at scale to further help brands with their diversity initiatives. Additionally, we partner with organizations that help bring people from diverse backgrounds into the marketing profession.

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Supplier Diversity @ Scale

The vast majority of ad-tech and marketing companies with scale are either majority owned by VCs/Private Equity or are publicly traded. VDX.tv is one of the few ad-tech/marketing companies that is both private and minority owned, so we are uniquely positioned to help brands with their marketing supplier diversity initiatives. We also can help brands reach multi-cultural audiences at scale.

Fostering Industry Diversity

We partner with organizations like The BrandLab, whose mission is to broaden and enrich the perspectives and voices behind the marketing and advertising industry.

The BrandLab helps students from Indigenous, Black, Brown, AAPI and Hispanic/Latinx backgrounds launch sustainable careers in marketing. The mission-focused nonprofit connects young talent to opportunities in marketing and advertising across innovative brands and agencies.

VDX.tv is a Diverse Supplier preferred partner for:

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“At VDX.tv, we believe that fostering a diverse culture and work environment is essential to our becoming a more innovative and adaptable company. The richness of experiences and perspectives afforded by a diverse and multicultural workforce is what enables us to offer solutions that help brands better connect with their diverse prospective customers.​”

Dilip Da Silva
Dilip DaSilva
Head of Company & Founder, VDX.tv​
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