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Political Advocacy, Magnified

Our team of political advocacy experts focuses solely on this sector, and our core political advocacy solutions are specifically designed and customized to address this field’s varied challenges and your organization’s unique situation.

Our Political Advocacy-Specific Solutions


Reach key households on their TVs and personal digital devices with our mobilization solution. By tailoring our product to speak directly to your target audience (in whatever language you need), we ignite conversations across entire households to mobilize voters. Think of this solution as digital door knocking—VDX.tv can leverage frequency, interactivity, and relevance to influence voters to act.

Candidate Awareness

We reach TVs in households most likely to support a candidate in an effort to mobilize household members to vote. Our solution gives viewers a way to form a deeper connection with the candidate by scanning a QR code that serves additional information on their personal digital devices such as videos about the candidate's position on key issues. Our solution reaches all members of the household to tip outcomes in the candidate's favor.

Issue Advocacy

We reach households most likely to care about a particular topic to educate them about the issue, make them aware of upcoming legislation, and shift public opinion. Regarding widely-recognized issues such as healthcare and the economy and even more specialized issues and local elections, our highly-tailored solution and specific targeting maximize impact.

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Our Political Advocacy team

Our team of political advocacy experts concentrates solely on organizations in this particular field and the unique challenges they face.

Jessica Ellis

Client Partnerships - Political Advocacy

Zach Adams

Client Partnerships - Political Advocacy

Justin Worster

Lead of Industry Solutions - Political Advocacy

Noelle Goebel

Market Strategy - Political Advocacy

Maree Doumanis

Account Strategy - Political Advocacy

Abhay Mathew

Campaign Strategy - Political Advocacy

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