March 18, 2021

Vertical Advertising Spotlight: Travel

When it comes to reaching customers through digital advertising, brands in different industries face different sets of challenges. At, we believe this means that each advertising solution should be built to meet the unique demands of the industry and needs of its customer base. We also believe that the best advertising solutions stem from a deep understanding of technology, analytics, creativity, and vertical experience.

Iris Espiritu
Iris Espiritu
Senior Content Marketing Manager,
Vertical Advertising Spotlight: Travel

In this series, we’ll introduce you to a expert who will help navigate the nuances of digital advertising within a unique industry vertical.

Nick Little portrait

Meet: Nick Little

Nick, tell us which vertical you lead at

I lead the Travel vertical at Our Travel vertical is comprised of a variety of sub-verticals, including Hotels, Airlines, Cruises, Destinations, and Vehicles for Hire.

While hotels, airlines, and cruises have traditionally been the staple of our Travel vertical, we are increasingly working with a more diverse group of advertisers, with many states and tourism boards looking to our tailormade video solutions to stand out.

What do we know about Travel consumers and their customer journey?

The speed and ease of booking a trip is one of the hallmarks of traveling in the 21st century. Now during the pandemic, the customer journey has been slowed due to fears of spreading the virus and recommendations from the CDC. This new landscape has travelers considering many new factors when planning a potential trip, including driving distance, whether the accommodation has a kitchen to prep meals, working with a travel agent for the first time, or the fine print of booking contracts, to name a few.

As airline travel has decreased during the pandemic, many travelers are opting for local trips or destinations within driving distance. For example, a AAA survey in Colorado found that 84% of people planning to travel would do so by car. Many outdoor friendly destinations have seen increased interest during the pandemic, and in response, many brands have shifted from a national focus to a regional one with the goal of differentiating themselves from their nearby competitors.

What are some of the biggest challenges that Travel advertisers currently face?

The biggest challenge facing travel advertisers is connecting with consumers while travel is restricted. Leisure wear, home exercise equipment and other home-focused brands have thrived during the pandemic, while travel has been one of the industries hit hardest, with a 42% annual decline in travel spend from 2019 to 2020. How do you connect with customers when your customer cannot buy your product?

The inability for most consumers to travel has led to significant pent-up demand, providing brands a unique opportunity to impact future purchase decisions. As travelers are eagerly awaiting the chance to travel again, brands can use this time to tantalize travelers with new and exciting trips and activities that they may not have considered before. Many travelers may even consider bigger budget bucket-list vacations after not traveling for an extended period.

What makes VDX an effective solution for Travel advertisers?

Travel is an emotional decision and experience, and we know that video is the best way to make emotional appeals to consumers. Since travel is an expensive and complex decision, VDX combines a video-first approach with the ability to educate and target relevant consumers, all with a dedicated travel team constantly refining our approach to the industry. The vertical solutions created by the travel team are specific to a brand’s needs and vary greatly in terms of creative build and targeting methodology.

Our creative team does an excellent job of crafting VDX units for each advertiser. For the Destinations sub-vertical, for example, we can include separate tabs that highlight the variety of activities a traveler can choose from on their next adventure. Whether they choose to explore the outdoors, visit a wildlife exhibit, or experience the local cuisine, our units bring every activity to life and highlight relevant calls to action for each.

When it comes to audience targeting, we can cater our setup to differentiate between similar user profiles. For travel advertisers, this may include differentiating between business and leisure travelers, singles from families, or what region or city a user is in and where they are interested in traveling.

What trends can travel advertisers expect to see in the next six to twelve months?

There is still uncertainty for travel as individual regions may experience different pandemic related impacts, but we believe that regional travel will continue to pick-up in Q2 of this year before a more robust growth over the summer and beyond. Domestic and outdoor-focused travel will still be the focus for the remainder of 2021 as lockdowns have kept many people indoors for the last year. According to travel blog, “…more people are craving wide-open spaces and the great outdoors. Nature is calling, and nature travel will be one of the biggest 2021 travel trends.”

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