November 4, 2019

The Why Behind The What: The makings of (Part 2)

As you may have heard, Exponential launched a new business division called this past week. I am proud to be a part of our next evolution and as someone who has worked at Exponential for 12 years, I recognize our mission has remained the same: to provide the best products and services for brands and the best advertising experiences for the consumer. Please read on below to learn why we have entered into this new phase! If you missed the Part 1 of this feature, you can read it here.

Danielle Cravatt
Danielle Cravatt
SVP, Client Partnerships,
The Why Behind The What: The makings of (Part 2)

What do you know about TV?

Over the last year, we have expanded from desktop and mobile into the advanced TV space. We were especially interested in learning how TV could be integrated into an omnichannel approach, rather than operate as a siloed channel. TV paired with messaging catered to consumer interests and deployed to align with evolving viewer consumption habits across screens, creates more impactful experiences.

With over two decades of experience owning and understanding both data and creative that speaks to a consumer’s journey, we leveraged our deeper understanding of consumer buying behaviors to master the art of the halo effect. Specifically, we know how to create and deliver personalized ads across devices on behalf of our brand partners, to drive a significantly larger group of prospects down the path to purchase. Consumer buying decisions are often influenced by their friends and family. Our marketing recommendations are centered around reaching prospects and their trusted spheres of influence with augmented scale and efficacy.

What do you do better than the rest?

Our video-driven experiences are strategically built to engage viewers and drive action, and we go beyond traditional metrics to prove it, by measuring, for example, brand lift, footfall attribution, sales lift, and consumer action.

We believe cutting-edge technology that delivers video rooted in a consumer’s buying desires should be table stakes for an ad tech company, so yes, we have that covered. Our unique data-informed platform understands consumer interests in real-time and delivers a more consistent, relevant, and meaningful brand experience across all screens. For the record, our platform still supports all formats, including display; therefore, if your campaign lacks video assets, we can always help our advertisers.

Our long history of meeting marketers’ needs with a focus on vertical expertise, including QSR, Restaurant, Automotive, and Travel, is also unique, and we tailor-make our solutions to reflect industry-specific challenges and goals.

There’s also our signature service. As stated, mastering TV and digital video-driven advertising is hard; when digital cross-screen video misses an opportunity to increase consumer relevancy, advertisers miss the opportunity to deliver a data-identified right consumer, right time, and a potential prospect. We make it easier by handling every step from creative production, campaign management, and performance optimization to ensure consumers receive the right video ad at the right time and choose your brand. We build all our proprietary formats in-house and they are designed to pique consumer interest, free of charge, and we guarantee 100% viewability.

So there you have it: the “what” (we launched a new division focused on video-driven experiences to align our solutions with solving partner challenges in a multi-screen world!) and the “why” (because we have a unique perspective, a proprietary solution, and second-to-none service that makes sophisticated advertising programs simple and effective).

The team and I believe strongly in the benefits of our offering, and we can’t wait for you to check it out. Any questions, give us a shout!

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