November 1, 2023

Attention Science, Magnified: How Defines & Drives Positive Attention

Over recent years, the topic of“Attention” has gained more and more traction within the advertising industry. Marketers understand the value of audience attention in a dizzying digital world but often struggle with exactly how to define attention and, even more so, with identifying the best ways to harness it. The team at weighs in on the meaning of attention and how brands can break through the clutter.
Attention Science, Magnified: How Defines & Drives Positive Attention

“The advertising industry has built a reputation for trying to get people to notice ads by interrupting content, but getting people to pay attention has been a major challenge. Attention is defined as ‘regarding something as interesting or important’, so the need for precise targeting, compelling creative units, and relevant messaging have never been so critical. incorporates all these elements into video-driven experiences that produce real-world outcomes, connecting consumers in search of solutions with the brands that can help deliver them.”

James Johnson, Lead of Industry Solutions – Automotive

“What we know for sure is that Attention is not just one thing, it is a combination of different elements that take the user through an impactful journey. I strongly believe that with our 4 principles – Relevancy, Immersive Experience, Impactful Creative and Effective Influence - is well positioned to successfully harness positive attention. Also, thanks to our partnership with MOAT, Neurons and Adelaide, we’re bringing other layers of validation, proving our Attention Science delivers key outcomes - like ad memorability, positive emotional response and purchase intent - for the brands we work with”.

Romain Brunerie, Director of Account Strategy

“’Viewability’ measures whether an ad has the opportunity to be seen by a user, while ‘Attention’ refers to whether people actually process or digest any external communication stimuli they're exposed to.

Viewability can be considered a subset under the wider ‘Attention’ umbrella. Attention is most often measured by time in view (amount of time a user actually saw an ad), engagement/interaction (with the ad), and dwell time (how long people stay on the site before leaving).

Both Attention and Viewability increase ad recall and influence business outcomes. Attention to advertising significantly increases our intention to purchase the advertised product/service”.

Jerome Massebeuf, Head of Client Partnerships - EMEA

“We now live in a world where consumers rule and that also means they want more control over the media they consume. We need to ensure that we deliver ad experiences that respect the consumer journey and allow them more control of the ad experience. With this in mind, we designed our VDX Video-Driven Experiences to allow consumers to opt into the experience and explore branded content on their own terms. This leads to increased consumer engagement and more importantly, delivers higher active attention scores. Brands that respect user preferences and provide control over the viewing experience are likely to be seen as customer-centric and forward-thinking. This can enhance brand perception and lead to more positive associations in the minds of consumers.”

David Barnard, Head of Client Partnerships - South Africa

“'Attention' as a metric has been a hot topic in the online advertising industry recently, given its impact on influencing consumers at a deeper level. However, 'Attention' has proven difficult to define from a marketing perspective, due to its cognitive qualities.

Getting to the right audience will always be the first step in achieving successful outcomes, but we also need to guarantee marketing investments are having the right impact in user brand perceptions. In the past few years, we have transitioned from 'standard' metrics to more defined metrics where quality matters, including brand safety and viewability, which results in brands being protected from budget wastage.

At, we take Attention one step further with our TV Magnify offering that generates a meaningful and positive brand connections, captivates consumers with compelling creatives and guarantees further brand discussion within the most relevant households. Based on our recent research in partnership with Neurons, we were able to validate creative and sequential messaging, from CTV to personal devices, as the ultimate communication elements to capture and retain user attention further, while driving a higher brand recall and intent, and influencing key outcomes.”

Monica Prior, Director of Account Strategy

For more information on how harnesses consumer attention with video-driven experiences, see our case study here.

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