March 18, 2022

How can CTV fit into my digital strategy? Why the bigger picture matters.

This year, 81% of marketers across the globe are planning to increase their CTV ad spend. Total ad spend worldwide for CTV is projected to reach $20.3 billion in 2022, a whopping 23% increase from the previous year. With device adoption already trending upward pre-pandemic, and then spurred on by pandemic cord-cutters, CTV has proven to be one of the fastest growing channels and advertisers are taking note.
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How can CTV fit into my digital strategy? Why the bigger picture matters.

According to an August 2021 Roku/Harris Poll study, consumers are now spending 78 minutes more with streaming video than with cable or broadcast video. A December 2021 consumer survey by TransUnion seems to shed some light on why this might be the case: 59% of 18-54 year-olds say streaming TV commercials are more relevant to them than commercials on cable/satellite TV. Additionally, 47% of 18-54 year-olds say that streaming has more engaging/interactive commercials compared to 28% that said the same for cable/satellite.

For advertisers allocating digital spend towards CTV, it’s important to look at the bigger picture of how advertising on the bigger screen can work together with advertising on desktop and mobile to activate consumers at each stage of the buying journey. Not only can each screen can play a unique role in the process, but the synergy created by an all-screens approach can drive meaningful outcomes for brands.

The unique roles of CTV, desktop and mobile

Connected TV is inherently a lean-back, atmospheric, relatable, and immersive experience. The large format, powered by sight sound and motion on a big screen, can effectively convey your message or product in a way that immediately grabs attention and builds an emotional connection, all with your brand front and center.

While desktop and mobile screens lack the sheer size and command of CTV, they make up for it with their lean-forward, exploratory qualities. We know that audiences on these devices are truly engaged and ready to take action. This presents advertisers with the opportunity to build interactive ad experiences on desktop and mobile that users can explore on their own terms.

How all the screens can work together

Advertising that is delivered on CTV screens can be amplified through interactive desktop and mobile video ads that reinforce the original brand messaging. For example, a household viewing a program on CTV might see an ad for a restaurant brand’s new items and think, “Oh, that looks tasty”. And that may just be the end of the story. However, if that same video creative is delivered to all personal devices within that household, this magnifies the brand’s messaging beyond the scope of the CTV experience. If this video creative is complemented with lean-in features, like an interactive tab with a gallery to explore new menu items or a CTA to “Order Online Now”, consumers will be more inspired to take action.

Are ads more effective when CTV is part of the equation?

We commissioned research firm MediaScience on a study to answer this question and better understand how the synergy of video advertising across CTV, desktop and mobile can drive brand outcomes.

Within this study, participants were exposed to web pages, television content, or a combination of the two. Eight ad exposures were embedded into the viewing experience of each treatment type. On the CTV screen, audiences received a standard VDX in-stream advertising. On desktop and mobile, the in-page VDX ad units provided an opt-in interactive experience that enabled viewers to explore additional content beyond the main video. Post-viewing, participants were presented with a survey assessing ad effectiveness in categories such as awareness, brand opinion and purchase intent.

The study found that the addition of CTV to a brand’s digital media strategy can help drive both upper funnel awareness and downstream ROI:

Brand Awareness: 149.6% lift with CTV; Brand Opinion: 36.9% lift with CTV; Purchase Intent: 24.8% lift with CTV

Check out the full study here to learn more.

It’s evident that CTV is a powerful addition to any advertiser’s digital arsenal. Not only does the allure of the big screen continue to grow among consumers, but CTV can be seamlessly integrated into a cross-device strategy to magnify your brand messaging to the most relevant consumers. It’s time to pay attention to the bigger picture.

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