February 1, 2022

Travel Data From VDX.tv Highlights Consumer Sentiment During COVID-19 Pandemic

EMERYVILLE, CA – February 1, 2022 – VDX.tv, a global video advertising technology company, today released a survey which assessed consumers across various generations and their opinions on travel during the pandemic to help brands better understand consumer mentality.

Product Director, VDX.tv
Travel Data From VDX.tv Highlights Consumer Sentiment During COVID-19 Pandemic

The findings show that overall traveler’s top priorities include seeing friends, family and scenery, but many people still aren’t ready for large-scale events. 80% of Gen X respondents were found to be the most eager generation to travel in 2022 – with millennials and Gen Z being the least interested in travel compared to other age groups. Women were found to be more enthusiastic compared to men across all generations. Some additional findings include:

Safety Measures for Air Travel

  • 34% of respondents prioritizing mask mandates when required in the airport and on the plane, while 28% felt most comfortable knowing that other passengers were vaccinated
  • 11% of travelers found capacity restrictions to prevent crowding in planes most important when it came to air travel
  • 13% preferred deep cleaning procedures between flights, while 14% preferred advanced in-flight air filtration systems

Types of Travel Plans

  • 22% of all surveyed travelers are interested in small group trips to vacation homes, while another 22% stated that outdoor activities appealed most in travel preferences
  • 22% of travelers felt comfortable taking a road trip with one or two other people, while 14% felt comfortable exploring a city with a small group
  • 10% of travelers felt comfortable attending an indoor group event, such as a wedding, while 11% felt comfortable attending a large outdoor event such as a concert

Types of Travel Experiences

  • 29% of all surveyed travelers sought scenery and relaxation experiences, while 23% opted to travel to visit friends and family
  • 17% of overall travelers sought adventure and outdoor experiences, while 12% wanted to travel for luxurious experiences
  • 9% of overall travelers sought food or nightlife experiences, while 10% wanted to travel for arts and culture experiences
  • For Gen X and boomers, men skewed towards luxury travel, while women prioritized scenery and relaxation. In contrast, men in millennial and Gen Z age groups preferred outdoor activities, while women preferred social gatherings involving food and nightlife
  • Baby boomers were the most comfortable traveling during the current climate, but fewer are planning trips than Gen X
  • Baby boomers overall prioritized scenery, relaxation and outdoors, while the men in the age group were much more interested in food, nightlife, luxury and visiting cities

Jim Johnson, vice president of account planning, VDX.tv added: “With the travel experience in constant flux due to COVID, it’s never been more challenging for brands to consistently meet consumers’ expectations and instill trust. But brand trust only matters to consumers when they know they’re being heard, so engaging them on their preferred channels and allowing them to have control over both their marketing and travel experiences provides a tailor-made approach based on their knowledge and comfort level”.

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