December 3, 2020

Synergy of Connected TV, Desktop and Mobile Devices Boosts Brand Awareness and Purchase Intent, Finds New Research From and MediaScience, a global advertising technology company transforming the way brands connect with relevant audiences, today released research that illustrates how the mix of video advertising across connected TV (CTV), desktop and mobile devices can effectively drive brand outcomes.
Product Director,
Synergy of Connected TV, Desktop and Mobile Devices Boosts Brand Awareness and Purchase Intent, Finds New Research From and MediaScience

When combined with desktop and mobile, connected TV drove a 149.6% lift in brand awareness, a 36.9% lift in brand opinion and a 24.8% lift in purchase intent. The study in partnership with MediaScience collected 445 measures across nearly 500 consumers.

“Different devices provide different ad experiences. CTV offers a lean-back, immersive experience, while desktop and mobile are exploratory, action-driven,” said Bryan Melmed, VP of Insights Services “Our research shows that brands need to connect with consumers across every screen in order to effectively engage them at each stage of the buying journey.”

The roles that CTV, desktop and mobile each play within an advertiser media strategy were explored for three different brands: a D2C mattress retailer, a video game company and an automotive manufacturer. The combination of all three screens drove awareness within the target audience for the D2C retailer. With the addition of CTV to the media mix, the study found an extraordinary 239.1% lift in unaided ad recall. Likewise, consumers were 158.8% more likely to view the mattress ad as entertaining and 187.0% more likely to view it as informative. For the video game company, the study found that CTV, along with desktop and mobile, each contributed to significant lifts in ad opinion, with consumers 108.3% more likely to consider the ads relevant when CTV was added and 75.4% more likely to consider the ads informative when desktop and mobile were added.

For the automotive manufacturer, desktop and mobile played an important role in driving purchase intent, with a 100.9% lift observed for the brand’s target audience. While the CTV ads on their own were viewed as cutting edge (8.0%) and engaging (25.0%), the addition of desktop and mobile ads helped drive a 140.0% lift in consumers viewing the ads as cutting edge.

Video advertising across CTV, desktop and mobile not only enables advertisers to reach consumers wherever they are and on whatever device they are using, but also allows advertisers to build a brand presence on each screen and leverage the inherent strengths of each channel to make the greatest impact.

The complete findings can be found here.

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