April 7, 2023

Digital Advertising in the Political Sphere: How We Drive Results for Political Campaigns & Organizations

Justin Worster
Justin Worster
Lead of Industry Solutions - Politics & Advocacy, VDX.tv
Digital Advertising in the Political Sphere: How We Drive Results for Political Campaigns & Organizations

We are thrilled to announce that VDX.tv has expanded its Politics Vertical team! As a company with extensive experience in industry advertising, expertise in omnichannel video solutions and connected TV (CTV), and great success with major political campaigns, we’re excited to now be able to serve a wide variety of campaign sizes and expand our offering to a bigger political audience. 

We’ve brought on board a seasoned expert in the space - Jess Ellis, our new Senior Specialist, Client Partnerships – to build upon our political work through her extensive her knowledge and expertise. With a decade of experience in politics, Jess has worked with a wide variety of campaigns and PACs – Jaime Harrison, Jon Ossoff, the Progressive Turnout Project, and End Citizens United, for example. 

Jess Ellis, Senior Specialist, Client Partnerships

We asked Jess to share some of her thoughts on the importance of digital advertising in the political sphere:

“There are a few key things that really sold me on the power of VDX [VDX.tv’s video-driven ad units]. Political clients will benefit immensely from our corporate scale. If a major corporation runs a multi-million-dollar creative test, our political clients will benefit from that learning. They’ll benefit from our massive first-look inventory, our omni-channel video solutions, and our ability to report campaign outcomes in incredible detail.”  

It has never been more important for political campaigns and organizations to invest in CTV. Over 80% of Americans already have a streaming device in their home—and that number is growing. Corporations already know this; that's why they're spending aggressively on CTV and OTT. At such a critical moment in our democracy, political campaigns and organizations cannot afford to fall behind. Data says 90% of political broadcast ads reach the same 40% of viewers again and again. With VDX.tv, you can reach the right audience with the right ask, wherever they are. Our follow-up impressions across the entire household have the power to convert awareness into measurable action.

In 2021, we were honored with a Reed Award in the category of “Best Use of Technology for GOTV” for our innovative get-out-the-vote (GOTV) ads for President Joe Biden. We took the existing GOTV campaign creative and amplified it across CTV, desktop and mobile devices with our video-first VDX ad units. The video campaign garnered over 5.6 million impressions, over 17,000 engagements, and drove key voters to the polls. You can view the winning video ad creative here

At VDX.tv, we are proud to have partnered with five presidential campaigns and numerous other political campaigns and PACs. Our approach to political advertising is grounded in data, and we believe in using technology to not only reach voters but to engage them in meaningful ways.  We believe that our Politics Vertical team will help campaigns connect with voters more effectively, and we are excited to get to work. CTV now makes up the majority of American TV consumption – so it has never been more important to meet voters where they’re at. Our omnichannel video solutions and CTV offerings will enable campaigns to reach voters across multiple platforms, ensuring that their messages reach their target audiences, wherever they are. We’re also able to follow-up across that viewer’s entire household on all devices after the initial CTV impression. 

We look forward to partnering with political campaigns and organizations and contributing to their success. If you're interested in learning more about our Politics advertising solutions, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at politics@vdx.tv or book time to learn more here.

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